This article will help you to:

  • Connect an Adobe Analytics source to Reeport

  • Import calculated metrics and/or dimensions from Adobe Analytics into Reeport

Adobe Analytics: definition

Adobe Analytics is a tool that analyze the audience of websites. It is possible to measure the performance of visitor paths and site content via objectives and KPIs such as bounce rate or conversion rate.

How do I connect an Adobe Analytics account to Reeport?

Reeport has a native connector, so you just need to follow the usual procedure to connect a data source. We then retrieve the data via the Adobe Analytics API.

Retrieve calculated and created dimensions and/or metrics from Adobe

Some metrics or dimensions created from Adobe may not be present by default in Reeport. To retrieve them, the owner of the metric and/or dimension calculated on Adobe must also be the one who creates the connection between Reeport and Adobe. Authentication then makes it possible to retrieve all the parameters of the Adobe account on Reeport.

To retrieve new dimensions and custom metrics created on Adobe Analytics after the connection of the source, just go on the source in question, in "Manage Dataset" and click on "Refresh Fields".

Alternative solution:

If the owner of the metrics and/or dimension can't connect to Reeport, then you have to take the problem the other way around.

A member of the Reeport team can log in to your Adobe account and will perform the following steps:

  • Identification of the desired metrics/dimensions

  • Copy metrics/size to become the owner without changing Adobe account settings.

  • On Reeport, create the Adobe view with the email address of the Reeport team member

Custom metrics/sizes are then available!

Please note that Reeport recommends the first solution for more flexibility and autonomy for our customers.

Retrieve segments created in Adobe Analytics in Reeport

If you have already created Adobe Analytics segments in the platform and want to use them in Reeport, you can import them directly from the data source.

  • Go to the data source and click on "Edit datasource". Note that only the creator of the source can do this action.

  • Click on "Import segments", choose the segments you want, and import them.

Good use!

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