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What is Socialbakers?

Socialbakers is a social listening solution. It allows you to measure and analyze the performance of social networks and the contents of these pages via objectives and KPIs such as the number of interactions or impressions

The Socialbakers suite covers social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest or Vkontakte.

It is much more efficient to use a Social Listening solution than to use the organic APIs of Facebook or Twitter. Indeed, there is much less information available exploitable connecting directly to each platform.

How to connect a Socialbakers account on Reeport?

Reeport has a native connector, so you just have to follow the usual procedure to connect a data source. We then retrieve the data thanks to the Socialbakers API.

There are two types of Socialbakers connectors:

  • The profile metrics connector which gives you access to the data relative to the pages

  • The post metrics connector which allows you to retrieve the data by post in a particular page

This is due to the way Socialbakers makes the data available. However, you can connect the two types of sources, and put them in the same report to cross-reference the data.

Create a meta-connector to analyze multiple pages

In Socialbakers, you can set Labels that bring multiple pages together. In Reeport, it is possible to analyze all the pages of a Label by creating a meta-connector.

For instance, it may be relevant to create a "Europe" Label that groups all the pages of the European subsidiaries.

Then, in Reeport, I just have to create a meta-connector and add all the pages matching this Label, in order to retrieve all the data relative to this pages.

To create a meta-connector Socialbakers, you just have to follow the standard procedure to create and edit a meta-connector.

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