This article will help you to:

  • Connect an AT internet "site" to Reeport

  • Connect several AT Internet "sites" via the "Multi" connector

  • Create a segment for the AT Internet V3 API

AT Internet: definition

AT internet is a tool that allows you to analyze the audience of websites. It is possible to measure the performance of visitor paths and site content via objectives and KPIs such as visits or page views. It is a tool similar to Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics for example.

How to connect an AT internet "site" to Reeport ?

Reeport has a native connector, you just have to follow the usual procedure to connect a data source.

You will then enter your "Site Id" and choose the level of your site.

Make sure you fill in the name of your view as well as the "Site Id" then click on "Save" You have just created an AT Internet view!

How to connect several AT Internet "sites" via the "Multi" connector

When creating your view, you will have the possibility to choose the "Site type" "Multi". This option will allow you to integrate different "Sites" within the same view in Reeport.

You must then fill in the name of your view as well as the "Site id" corresponding to the sites that you want to integrate within the same view.

Note that this feature is currently only available for Level 1.

In addition, we are in regular contact with AT Internet teams, with whom we have a strong partnership, in order to make you benefit from the V3 API as soon as possible. This new version will allow you to take advantage of many additional features.

Create a segment for the AT Internet V3 API

Here we come back to the difference between filters and segments. Both will allow to analyze part of the data, but from two different points of view:

- filters have a content-based approach

- the segments have a user-based approach

Segments allow you to follow all the users who have been exposed to the rules you want.

It is therefore a matter of retrieving the segments created in AT Internet to be able to use them in your reports.

To do this:

1. Go to the Librairy tab

2. Click on Conditions, then "New condition".

3. Select the Condition Type "At internet segmentv3".

4. Fill in the segment id that you find in the URL of your segment in the AT platform (example format: "100151181").

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