This article will help you to:

  • Understand calculated dimensions

  • Create calculated dimensions

  • Use calculated dimensions


Calculated dimensions are a new way to customize the display of your API dimensions. With rules you can fuse dimensions in a new one if they meet the requirements of the rule condition.

On this exemple we transform the dimension "ga:dayOfWeekName" in order to merge Saturday and Sunday and label them as "Weekend".

Here's the result in a simple table widget:

Create a calculated dimension

  • Go to the Data Source tab and hit "manage dataset" for any data source of your choice.

  • Under Calculated Dimensions, click on "Add one".

  • Once your calculated dimension is created choose a dimension.

  • Add a rule and build your conditions. You can also import a rule through a JSON file.

  • Build your condition with one or several rules.

  • Don't forget to name your calculated dimension!

Use a calculated dimension

From the builder mode, when creating your report, calculated dimensions simply show up in the same list with other dimensions.

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