This article will help you to:

  • Add date ranges, metrics, dimensions & filters to your Organization's favorites.

  • Find your favorites in the selector in builder & viewer mode.

Adding favorites within your organization

Go to your Organization and click on the "Library" tab at the top.

Then click on the birds you want to bookmark:

  • A date

  • A filter

  • An universal field

Then click on the star icon when you want to bookmark a bird so that you and your colleagues can access it more easily.

You can then see your variables first to use them more easily in the builder & viewer.

Vision on the library :

Find your variables more easily on the builder mode

Here you can see on the filters that your favorites are now ranked first.

Finding your favorited date ranges in the Viewer mode's date picker

Now, everyone on your Organization will have a quick access to the favorited date ranges as they will show up at the very top of the list located in the date picker of the viewer mode!

As for the other date ranges available in the list, note that they are ordered alphabetically.

Metrics & Dimension in favorites

You can also have metrics & dimensions bookmarked simply by going to the Data Sources tab then "Manage Dataset".

Then you can, with the same method use clicking on the stars add or remove metrics & dimensions from your favorites

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