This article will help you to:

  • Export a report to Google Slides

  • Handle the case of non-16:9 reports (default presentation dimension in Google Slides)

  • Update Google Slides presentations from Reeport

Exporting a report to Google Slides

Let's take an example with the following report we've built in Reeport:

There are two locations from which you can export to Google Slides: the report overview and the viewer mode.

Exporting from the report overview

Exporting from the viewer mode

Selecting an Export Account

If it is your first time, you will need to select a target Google Account which will be used to locate the report.

1. After selecting Google Slides as the download type, click on "Please select an Export account".

2. Under "Export account" click on "Create one".

3. Name your export account in a way to you will remember for next time.

4. Click on "Set connection".

5. Choose a Google account and allow Reeport to "View and manage your Google Slides presentations".

6. Once your export account is set you can click on "Download report". Exporting your report you take anywhere between a few seconds up to a few minutes.

7. A new tab will open on your browser, leading to the newly created Google Slides presentation.

Setting up Google Slides dimensions

When exporting your report, the newly created Google Slides presentation will have Google Slides's default 16:9 ratio.

If you report has a different ratio (e.g. if it's an A4 dashboard) you will need to configure manually your dimensions on Google Slides.

Please follow this article to learn step by step how to change the dimensions

Advanced options

Note that after adding an export account a few advanced options are offered to you.

By clicking on the "advanced" button, you may a pre-existing target file (instead of creating a new one). Clicking on "A new file will created" will open a panel:

What you will see under "Target file list" is the list of all Google Slides presentations that have been created for this account from Reeport (note that Reeport does not have access to files that were not generated through Reeport's export feature). By choosing a target file, Reeport will update the pre-existing Googe Slides presentation.

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