LaunchPass makes it easy to create a subscription based community on Slack. 

Now you can reward your members when they refer users to your community by integrating Refersion to LaunchPass. 

The steps below include:

  1. Connect LaunchPass with Stripe
  2. Connect Refersion with Stripe
  3. Install Refersion’s Tracking and Conversion Script
  4. Publish and promote your affiliate program

Step 1: Connect LaunchPass with Stripe

Once you’ve created your invite page (and started your 14-day free trial), you’ll be able to connect your Stripe account with LaunchPass. Just head over to settings in the LaunchPass admin and click “Connect with Stripe”.

Step 2: Connect Refersion with Stripe

After signing up for Refersion, you’ll also need to connect it to your Stripe account. Choose Stripe from the Start Guide, or if you’ve already connected to Stripe, go to Account > Settings > Tracking and click on Add Tracking.

Step 3: Install Refersion’s Tracking Scripts

Head over to LaunchPass, and click “edit” on the Invite page where you’d like affiliates to earn commissions.

Step 4: Add Refersion’s tracking script

Within the “Analytics & Tracking” field paste the following code. You’ll need to replace
both SUBDOMAIN and PUB_KEY below with the Refersion Subdomain and Public Key
from the Tracking Page (be sure you are signed in to Refersion to have the relevant info populated!). You can find your SUBDOMAIN and PUB_KEY in Refersion’s snippet here: Refersion Tracking for Custom Sites

<script src="//"></script>

Note: If you are using the LaunchPass widget on your own domain you'll  need to embed the “Tracking Visits” code into the head of that site.

Step 5: Add Refersion’s conversion script

Within the “Conversion Tracking” field found, while editing the Invite page, paste the following code. 

_refersion(function(){ _rfsn._setSource("STRIPE");
_rfsn._addCart(data.stripeCustomerId); });

Step 6: Email Refersion your LaunchPass invite page link

Email the URL of your invite page (i.e and your domain that you are using to “” with subject “LaunchPass Domain Configuration” to complete domain set up with Refersion.

Step 7: Publish your page and start working with affiliates!

Once you’ve completed these steps Refersion, LaunchPass and Stripe are all integrated, and you are ready to start promoting your affiliate program!

You can manually add affiliates, share an affiliate signup page with your members, or even get added to Refersion’s own marketplace where potential affiliates can discover and promote your community.

Each affiliate will get a unique link to your invite page, and when a new member signs up they will be rewarded in whatever way you decide!

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