The Regency & Villas Management Team continuously updates their security measures in order to best support the community's overall safety.  

With the assistance of the Denver Police Department, our partnering universities, the community around us and the proper safety decisions by residents like you we can all ensure that our community is the safest it can be year after year.  


💭  What Safety Measures are taken? ____________________________________________

As a proud business in Denver, CO we take safety seriously and understand the unique challenges of college communities and a larger city environment.  We believe continuing a strong relationship with the Denver Police Department, university officials and taking further steps within our own gates provides the safest environment possible for our residents.

What do we offer?

  • Gated Community
  • Regency Tower & North Hall has swipe card access after Business Hours
  • Exterior and Interior Security Cameras
  • Management lives onsite (2 full time, professional staff and 15 part time staff)
  • Nightly rounds of the community by professional and part-time staff 
  • 24/7 Regency Hotline 
  • Professional, 3rd Party Security Team that walks and drives property at night
  • Safety Guidelines posted around property and in Lease Contract (page 16)
  • Regular property "rounds" by Denver Police Department
  • Health & Safety Inspections

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