The Regency & Villas Apartments currently do not allow pets of any type.  We thank you, and your guests, in advance for your cooperation in helping keep our property clean and safe for all residents to enjoy!


💭  What do we consider a "Pet"? ________________________________________

Anything that isn't human?! 🙈

Although we are joking in a way, it truly is the easiest way to describe what is not allowed as we do not allow dogs, cats, fish, reptiles or any type of animal.

There are so many reasons as to why the vast majority of student housing communities across the country do not allow pets.   We did not come to this decision lightly and our company as a whole continues to support animals in the state of Colorado!

We fully comply with all ADA requirements. If you currently meet the federal, state and local requirements for an exception as outlined by the state of Colorado, please begin the Pre-Approval process for an Emotional Support Animal and we will happily provide you the necessary legal documents needed to be completed by your physician and/or government officials. 

In order to have an approved Emotional Support Animal (ESA), we provide a process for all Residents to complete before approving for the reasonable accommodation. This process allows us to ensure we are only having pets on property that are truly ESA approved and following the guidelines required of those approved for reasonable accommodations!

  1. Complete Pre-Approval Form. Acknowledgement of all rules, policies and responsibilities in this form must be read and confirmed to begin the process.
  2. Meeting with Regency Management. Meeting with Regency Management. We will contact you once this Pre-Approval form is completed to discuss your rights, our rights, and the responsibilities of both you and your Guarantor when having an approved pet.
  3. Medical professional completes Legal Form. Your physician must complete a legal form outlining the importance of the process and the need for the pet. The physician will sign stating they will speak to this need in a court of law.
  4. Wait for Management Approval. Our Management Team will contact the physician listed to ensure this document was in fact completed by them and that they are stating you are required to have the pet.
  5. Final Meeting with Regency Management. Once the physician has completed the required legal document and we have approved it with the medical office, a final meeting with Regency Management, the Resident and the approved ESA Animal will take place.
  6. ESA Animal Approved! From that day forward you have been approved for reasonable accommodations to have an Emotional Support Animal on property as long the following Community Policies and Pet Guidelines are consistently met.

If you believe that you qualify for having an Emotional Support Animal as outlined by state and local laws, please begin the Pre-approval Process here!

We will move the process along as fast as we can on our end however the process typically slows down due to waiting for medical professionals completing their legal documents and setting up meeting with the Resident and Management. If you are interested in beginning the process please click this link and get started with the pre-approval process!

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