The Regency & Villas Apartments take safety very seriously and this extends directly into smoking policies.  The following outlines what is not permitted at The Regency & Villas Apartments!


💭  Smoking Policy ____________________________________________

Smoking is not permitted in common areas or in any apartment which includes any the use of e-cigarettes, vapor pens, etc.  

Officially we are a 100% smoke-free community so at any time if you are creating an unhealthy environment we will ask you to stop.

You cannot smoke in...

  • Your Apartment
  • Common Areas indoors
  • the Pool area

You can smoke in...

  • Designated areas on the 2nd floor of the Regency (outside) 
  • Your Car
  • Outside of the Community  

Fines for Violations

We actively pursue a smoke-free environment and violations of this policy will result in a $250 fine and may result in eviction due to defaulting of your Lease Contract (page 5 -- #7. Default).

Damage to apartments is directly linked to smoking smells that have increased costs to repair, ashes and some studies have shown that e-cigarettes/vapor pens create issues as well.  At this time we are a smoke-free environment and smoking violations will result in a $250 charge for each violation.

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