The Regency & Villas Apartments takes safety very seriously and this extends directly into weapon policies on our property.  The following outlines what is not permitted at The Regency & Villas Apartments! 


💭  Weapon Policy ____________________________________________

Weapons are not permitted anywhere on the property including in your vehicle.    The Regency & Villas Management Team solely reserves the right to deem what is considered a violation of the Drug Policy.

Military Officials, Police Offers or anyone needing weapons for their job

Although we support the military and our servicemen in our community, we do not make exceptions for those that carry weapons for their employment.  You need to obtain a locker or find another solution to storing your weapon that is not on our premises at any time regardless of the reasoning.

Fines for Violations

We actively pursue a weapon-free environment and violations of this policy will result in up to a $250 fine and may result in immediate eviction due to defaulting of your Lease Contract (page 5 -- #7. Default k).

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