Throughout the year we receive several Early Move In requests from future residents as we are "home" to residents all across the world and service over 15 universities in the Denver area! 

The following is primarily relating to the August move in as nearly 90% of our residents move in during this month prior to the Fall semester!  If you are moving in during a different time, just contact your Leasing Agent you have been working with and they'll discuss alternatives with you. 


💭  What is the only date I can Move in Early in August? _________________________________________________________________

In August of each year, we offer an Early Move In Day that is exactly one day earlier than the official move in date found on the first page of your Lease Contract.  
⚠️ Note:  We explain the reasons for this below as well as alternatives!  

How do I qualify for the Early Move In Day in August?

Each of the following must be completed, in full, no later than August 5th.  We will send you a confirmation email if you completed everything properly!

  1.  Student portion of Lease Contract must be completed and signed.
  2.  Guarantor portion of Lease Contract must be completed and signed.
  3.  $175 Application Fee must be paid in full.
  4.  Security Deposit must be paid in full. 

How do I know if I have completed everything?  We will email you many times leading up to August 5th outlining anything you may be missing as well as a confirmation for when you have signed your Lease Contract.   


💭  Can I Move In Earlier than the Early Move In Date? _________________________________________________________________

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move in early if you are wanting to move in anytime in August outside of the Early Move In Date mentioned above.

We place a great deal of emphasis on the Move In Weekend to accommodate all of our future residents in the most stress-free way we possibly can to best prepare a community of nearly 1,000 residents.
What is the reasoning?

As our community has grown, we are proudly serving nearly 1,000 residents from many countries and over 15 universities each year.  In addition to not having a fair way to "prioritize" early move in requests, the main reason we cannot allow early move ins is that we have to get over 550 units ready for Move In weekend in roughly 7-12 days in August.  

As a Management Team of a student apartment community, we are unable to find a fair way to choose who gets to Move In Early even if we were able to get specific apartments ready earlier. 


💭  Suggested Alternatives to Moving In Early _________________________________________________________________

Move In prior to August!  We often have students graduating early in the summer months or only selecting 10 month (academic) leases.  We offer summer move in dates that you can select should you wish to move in to your apartment in May, June or July!


💭  Can I be Placed on a List just in case? _________________________________________________________________

Of course!  Although it is highly unlikely, we are always open to moving someone in early if it does not jeopardize the strategy of successfully completing the "make ready" process at both the Regency & Villas Apartments.    

Simply click here to be taken to the Early Move In Request Form and if it becomes a possibility we will contact you directly.  


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