The Regency & Villas Apartments houses nearly 1,000 students across 15 universities making the Move In and Move Out date selection uniquely challenging compared to single university housing options.

Each year we take into account all of our university start dates and do our best to select ideal move in and move out dates based on what is best for the vast majority of our community.  If interested, you can read more about Early Move In procedures in our support articles later on!

‚ö†ÔłŹ ¬†Move In and Move Out times are always set at 12 p.m. (noon) by default. ¬†For our large August move in, we will send you different move in times as we are available much longer during that weekend!


Why do we prefer fewer Move In and Move Out dates? ____________________________________________

There are dozens of reasons but the most important reasons are about you.  

  • Saves you Money. ¬†As we have nearly 650 units to "make ready" each year, we can save you thousands of dollars on rent by being able to do our "make ready" process in bulk a hiring staff to support you in more meaningful ways.
  • Allows for Consistent Messaging. ¬†With a select few move in and move out dates we can streamline our processes to allow the most comprehensive, accurate support tools to making your move in experience great from the day you apply all the way through move in day!¬†
  • The Only Way. ¬†In truth, we could never move in nearly 1,000 students each year and move them out on a "one by one" basis like many small communities can. ¬†Even most of them have bulk move in dates!

With this said, do not worry about Move In Day!  We have been doing this for over 10 years in Denver and have staff that has a combined 20+ years experience managing successful move ins!  We will continuously provide you information to make this your best move in experience yet! 


What are the 2017 Move In and Move Out Dates? ____________________________________________

In 2017, we have the following move in and move out dates.  If you wish to move in on other dates, you can reference the Early Move In procedures options and we will do our best to accommodate you!
Note:  The Move In & Move Out dates are applicable to all residents in our community.  Please reference the payment table on the front page of your Lease Contract for more information!

2017 Move In Dates

Spring 2017:  January 11, 2017
Summer 2017:  June 7, 2017 and July 5, 2017

2017 Move Out Dates

Academic Lease Term (10 month):  May 31, 2017
Full Lease Term (12 month):  July 31, 2017


What are the Move Out Dates if I have a Lease until 2018? ____________________________________________

Each year the two move out date options are the same days of the year.  Regardless of when your Lease Contract begins, your move out dates will always end on either May 31st or July 31st of the year!

2018 Move Out Dates  

Academic Lease Term (10 month):  May 31, 2018
Full Lease Term (12 month):  July 31, 2018

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