Locate the Private link in Sift Dojo

From your REISift account, click on Sift Dojo. The Zapier Integration Private Link is located under Resources. This link will take you to the Zapier page below where you will Accept Invite and Build a Zap.

Creating a Zap

Once you accept the invite you’ll be able to select REISift as an ACTION in Zapier. REISift is not a trigger. The trigger is when something happens in the platform you are using (Calltools, smartercontact, etc). When something happens in the trigger it creates an action in REISift.


A trigger is an event that starts your Zap. Choose the platform you want to integrate with. In this video we are using Calltools and creating a trigger event for New Disposition.

After choosing the trigger event, you will choose account. The choose account section is where you will be able to link your account. If you do not have an account already, click Connect a new account.

When connecting a new account you will need the API key for the platform you are connecting to (Calltools). The API key is usually located on the Settings or Integrations page.

After you enter the API key you will have the option to test the trigger.


Once your trigger is complete you’ll select an Action. This is where you enter in REISift. Always use the most recent version of REISift. The most recent version has the higher number.

Next you will choose an Action Event. You’ll see you have a lot of different actions and events you can choose from: adding list to properties, adding tags to properties, adding phone tags, etc.

After choosing an event Zapier is going to ask you to choose an account. If you have not created an account already, click Create new account. You’ll need to enter the API Key for REISift, just like creating a new account with Calltools in the trigger.

The API Key for REISift is located under Settings. Once you are on the settings page, click Integrations and Data In. Copy the Zapier API Key from this page and paste in to Zapier.

Another way to connect triggers

You can also connect platforms with Zapier under My Apps. My Apps are for triggers so REISift will not be listed here. This section is for connecting to Calltools, DealMachine, smartercontact, etc.

DealMachine and smartercontact do not use API keys. They use authentication so when connecting to these platforms it will ask you to log in to your account.

Next up in the Zapier Series is how to create Zaps. Visit our Zapier Dojo for videos.

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