Still having trouble connecting with Zapier? Follow this step by step process.

Locate the Zapier Integration Private Link in Sift Dojo

From your REISift account, click on Sift Dojo. The Zapier Integration Private Link is located under Resources. This link will take you to the Zapier page below where you will Accept Invite & Build a Zap.

Creating a Zap

Keep in mind that REISift is NOT a trigger. We are an Action in Zapier. The trigger is when something happens in the platform you are using (calltools, smarter contact, etc). When something happens in the TRIGGER it is going to create an ACTION in REISift.

Select a Trigger

Choose a Trigger Event

Select REISift as an Action

Once your trigger is complete you’ll select an action. This is where you enter in REISift. The action is what REISift does (not trigger). You will need to choose the most recent version of REISift.

Remember: If you are trying to put REISift in as a trigger, it will not work. REISift is an ACTION in Zapier. If we ever create an API to be a trigger we will release a video announcing this feature.

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