Aircall isn't some "Grey Area" dialer for blast marketers. It's taking our physical phone like you have on your desk and making it digital. Essentially you have a full companies phone infrastructure at your fingertips.

In this article we’ll show you how to cut through the noise using a single line dialer in combination with your REISift account to find those motivated sellers.

Signing up for an Aircall Account

The first thing you’ll need to do is head over to and sign up for your account.

Once you sign up for your account you’ll log in to your back office. The back office is where you will manage your numbers and different users. Keep in mind Aircall is three seat minimum, meaning you will need three users on your account.

Create your REISift account

If you haven’t created one already, also head over to to create your account. Once you create your account, visit our Help Center to find out how to get started and upload data into your account.

Download Aircall Desktop App and Chrome extension

Next you’ll need to download the Aircall desktop app that is appropriate for your operating system. The desktop app is going to look like a phone you use on your computer.

Then head over to the google chrome store and download the chrome extension for Aircall. This is what allows Aircall to recognize phone numbers on the page you are viewing.

Using Aircall with REISift

The great thing about integrating with Aircall is we can stay internal to our REIsift account. We can set up filter presets and dig into data using the Go No Go process that we teach. This process allows us to focus on certain leads to cut through the noise and find those motivated sellers. By texting, calling, and sending direct mail we can make sure we get in touch with that seller ASAP.

In your REISift account, filter for the records you want to call. To bring up records with phone numbers, add the filter block Params & Other and select Numbers - Yes. If you don’t have phone numbers for your records, you can skip trace your records directly through your REISift account.

Once your records are filtered, you can start calling through them. Open the first record you want to call and open the Aircall chrome extension. A green phone icon will appear next to the phone numbers and you can see where it recognizes the phone numbers on the page.

Next you’ll open the chrome extension and in the example below you’ll see Aircall has recognized the four phone numbers on this page.

Click Add to Power Dialer and you will see these four numbers have been added to your queue.

Then you’ll open the Power Dialer desktop app and these phone numbers will be added to your To-do. Click 4 numbers, now you can start your session and start calling through these numbers.

As you are calling these numbers, you’ll want to add the appropriate tags to each number: DNC, correct #, wrong #, dead and update the property status if necessary. Be sure to save your changes. You can also take any notes you want or assign to any users in your REISift account.

Aircall is an awesome feature to pull out certain leads and a great tool to use with the Go No Go process to call through these records with multiple numbers.

Tracking your KPIs

Whether it’s you or your VA calling, be sure you are tracking your KPIs. You’ll want to know how many people you had to call to get an offer in order to scale your business based on this metric.

We use Tally Count ( to track our KPIs.

Examples used in this video are: Prospects, Dialed, Wrong Numbers, Correct Numbers, DNC’s and Offers Made. You can set your own KPIs. The most important KPIs to track are Prospects, Dialed, and Offers Made.

At the end of each day we track these KPIs in a CSV document with the name of the person calling, the date, and count how many prospects dialed, wrong number, correct number, DNC, not interested, and offers made.

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