In this article we discuss how to update your REISift username, password, and contact information.

Your REISift Account Information is located under the Settings -> Profile section of your account. You can change the email address associated with your REISIft account, update your password, and update contact information from the Profile tab.

Updating Account Info

To edit your account information, click the Pencil icon to the right of Account Info.

Here you can edit your name, your email address (this will be your username when signing into your REISIft account), phone number, and change your password.

An email address can be used only once throughout REISift. When changing your email address, you'll need to use an email that is not currently associated with another REISIft account.

If you're receiving the error message below, it means the email address you're attempting to use already exists in the database. You'll need to choose a different email for this REISIft account.

To update your password, click Update Password and enter in your current password and the new password. Your password must contain at least 8 characters.

Updating Company Info

To edit your company information, click the Pencil icon to the right of Company Info.

Here you can edit your company name, email, phone number, and address.
Be sure to click Save changes once your done.

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