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How do "sets of prompts" work?
How do "sets of prompts" work?
Written by Charlie Greene
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What are prompts and how do they work?

Prompts are the questions and photos you choose to guide a conversation and help uncover memories and stories.

Prompts are organized into pre-crafted sets of prompts to make it easy to get started. Tap on a set of prompts after pressing "+" on the home page, or, navigate to the bottom of the page and tap "Start from scratch" to build a set of prompts yourself. Once selected, you can either record as-is, or tap “Edit Prompts” to rearrange, delete, add, or edit the prompts.

Can I customize prompts?

Yes! Once you've selected a set of prompts, tap “Edit Prompts." In this view, you can tap on the prompt to edit, delete, or rearrange the order. You can also write your own questions, upload photos, or choose a new question from our Library by tapping “Add Prompts.”

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