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How should I set up my Remento conversation?
How should I set up my Remento conversation?
Written by Charlie Greene
Updated over a week ago

How do I physically set up the conversation?

As host of the conversation, you get to decide how to orient yourself, your storyteller, and your phone. Two popular options are:

  1. Sit shoulder-to-shoulder with your loved one and use the selfie camera on your device to record. This enables both of you to see the question and photo prompts. We recommend propping your phone up against something sturdy, like a cup or set of books, if you don’t have a stand.

  2. Sit across from your storyteller with your phone propped up between you and use the back-facing camera to record. This works best with question-focused conversations and enables the storyteller to forget about the camera and focus on the conversation.

We recommend doing a practice recording to make sure your mic is working and that you are comfortable moving through the prompts.

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