By default, Remento is private and secure. The recordings you create in the Remento app are stored locally on your device. You can download and share them at any time. You own your content and control who has access. Remento is not a social media platform; there are no followers or likes or public feed of content and no ads. We do not monetize your data nor sell it to other entities.

What happens to the content I record?

Videos recorded with Remento stay on your device in the Remento app. This means deleting the app deletes all content. Unless you have iCloud backup set to sync all your phone’s data to Apple, your videos will not be backed up. For this reason, we recommend exporting your videos for safekeeping.

Can I export content to a cloud service?

Once you've selected an export format, use the screen that pops up on you iOS device to select a place to save it, either right to your camera roll or to a cloud service like iCloud, Google Drive, or DropBox.

How do I delete content?

To delete an entire project, tap the ••• in the top-right corner of the project page. There, you’ll find the “Delete Project” button.

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