You can export your Remento recordings at any time to save, backup, or share them.

Tap the three dots in the top right hand corner of your project and choose the "Export Recording" option.

  1. Video Only: Exports a single video of exactly what was recorded - nothing else.

  2. Prompts with Audio Only: Exports a single video that features a slideshow of photos and recorded audio from the conversation.

  3. Prompts with Video and Audio Overlay: Exports a single video that features the recorded video layered over a slideshow of photos.

Downloading of your project will begin immediately once you choose your format. You can stop your export by tapping the yellow "Cancel" option to the right of the Export progress at the bottom of your screen.

After the download is complete, your device's share options will appear and you can choose to send the video anywhere you'd like - a cloud storage service, a social media account, editing software, or directly to someone else.

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