Remento helps people discover, document, and more deeply appreciate their family story in a new way. The Remento app makes it easy to host a conversation with a family member that uncovers precious memories from their past. Whether it's reflections on monumental moments or the joys of everyday life, Remento brings families together through shared exploration of the often overlooked truths that made our nearest and dearest who they are today. In doing so, these conversations break down barriers across generations, breed connection through curiosity, and remind us that understanding our own story starts by listening to the stories of others.

Remento provides:

  • pre-written (and fully customizable) conversation guides to make it easy to get started with anyone across a variety of topics

  • a library of questions for you to create your own project from scratch

  • the technology (iOS app) to guide and record your conversation so you can preserve or share it

  • expert guidance on how to approach a family interview, difficult conversations, relatives with dementia, and more

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