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Overview of Remento
Everything You Need to Know About Remento
Everything You Need to Know About Remento

A summary of helpful articles, answers to common questions, and pointers on how to get started with the Remento app.

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Getting Started

Choose your method: Will you be recording in-person (with yourself or someone else) or sending someone a request to answer on their own? Tapping the yellow “+” button will let you choose which path to take.

  1. Path 1 - Send a Request

    1. Upload a photo or select a question you'd like someone to answer.

    2. Record yourself asking the other person the question you chose and why you'd like them to answer. You can preview your video and re-record if needed before sending.

    3. Tap Send, wait for the video to process, then choose your delivery method (email, Messages, etc).

    4. You'll get a notification when your recipient responds and their video will show up in your Projects.

  2. Path 2 - Record In-Person

    1. Choose a person: If its your first time opening the Remento app, you'll be asked to choose a person who you want to have a conversation with. If its not your first time, you'll be shown sets of prompts organized by the last person you chose - you can change this at any time using the drop down menu at the top.

    2. Choose a set of prompts: Use the “+” button on the My Projects page and select a pre-created set of prompts or build your own project from scratch (located at the bottom of the list).

    3. Customize: Rearrange, delete, or add prompts to your project. You can write your own questions, add photos, or choose from our library of pre-written prompts.

    4. Host the conversation: When you’re ready to record, your phone becomes the facilitator for an in-person conversation and captures every word.

Watch and share: View your recordings directly in the app, or export the content to your camera library for easy backup and sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have an Android app?

Currently Remento is only available for iPhone, but we are working on expanding to Android! Contact us through our app, website, email, or social media channels if you’d like to be an Android Beta tester.

Do I have to be in-person to use Remento?

Nope. The science shows that in-person, synchronous conversations tend to be the most effective, but we know families are often spread out around the world. It's important to maintain regular connection regardless of how often you come together. Remento enables you to request answers to questions or reflections on photos from anyone - near or far - at a time convenient to them.

How do "sets of prompts" work?

Our pre-created sets of prompts make it easy to get started – and are fully customizable. Tap on a set of prompts to open a preview of the prompts it already contains. Tap “+ Add to My Projects” to start editing. You can either record as-is, or tap “Edit Prompts” to rearrange, delete, add, or edit the prompts. You can find this and any other projects you’ve created under your My Projects page.

Can I customize my questions?

Yes! After choosing a pre-created set of prompts, tap “Edit Prompts.” Long press on any prompt to edit, delete, or rearrange the order. You can also write your own questions, upload photos, or choose a new question from our Library by tapping “Add Prompts.”

What happens to the content I record?

Videos recorded with Remento stay on your device in the Remento app. This means deleting the app deletes all content. Unless you have iCloud backup set to sync all your phone’s data to Apple, your videos will not be backed up. For this reason, we recommend exporting your videos for safekeeping.

How do I delete content?

To delete an entire project, tap the ••• in the top-right corner of the project page. There, you’ll find the “Delete Project” button.

How do I export my recording for saving or sharing?

You can export your Remento recordings at any time to save, backup, or share them.

Tap the three dots in the top right hand corner of your project and choose the "Export Recording" option.

  1. Video Only: Exports a single video of exactly what was recorded - nothing else.

  2. Prompts with Audio Only: Exports a single video that features a slideshow of photos and recorded audio from the conversation.

  3. Prompts with Video and Audio Overlay: Exports a single video that features the recorded video layered over a slideshow of photos.

Downloading of your project will begin immediately once you choose your format. You can stop your export by tapping the yellow "Cancel" option to the right of the Export progress at the bottom of your screen. After the download is complete, your device's share options will appear and you can choose to send the video anywhere you'd like - a cloud storage service, a social media account, editing software, or directly to someone else.

Can I export content to a cloud service?

Once you've selected an export format, use the screen that pops up on your iOS device to select a place to save it, either right to your camera roll or to a cloud service like iCloud, Google Drive, or DropBox.

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