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Can I Get A Refund? Our Refund Policy For Website Purchases Made From April 2023 Onwards - REMOJO and REMOJO+ Plans
Can I Get A Refund? Our Refund Policy For Website Purchases Made From April 2023 Onwards - REMOJO and REMOJO+ Plans

Find out when we issue refunds, why, and how you can claim if you're eligible.

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We want our customers to be happy, committed members of our community, and to help every one of you achieve your goals. That's our mission, and we're committed to it. Our refund policy reflects this and allows you time to get used to the apps and attend coaching sessions.

All customers purchasing a REMOJO or REMOJO+ plan via our website can request a refund within their first 7 days of using the product and/or attending coaching sessions, for any reason.

Such refund requests will be accepted regardless of reason, and the full purchase amount will be returned to you within 5 working days. Before accepting and processing your refund, we will confirm that you are 100% sure that you want to cancel, to maximise your chances of achieving your goals and help avoid rage-quitting the program (the journey to sexual self-mastery has ups and downs - and the downs can make anyone feel like giving up!).


Beyond the 7-day guarantee period, the aim of our refund policy is to balance providing value to users and issuing refunds for all reasonable requests, with our own need to run a sustainable company, and the limitations we work with across platforms, devices and OS's with users in every country in the world.

Everyone has the 7-day window to evaluate the app and compatibility with their devices, and cancellation is easy. Many users with strong impulses will find ways to break the app, or try to get out of the commitment that they made to themselves to quit.

While we do provide a blocker and device/app controls as part of the app, REMOJO is not a "blocker app". it is a program to help you quit porn for good, overcome sexual dysfunction and grow as a person.

Because of the above, and the nature of the app, we will only consider refund requests for those reasonable, valid refund reasons listed below. Invalid, refund requests that we find unreasonable are also listed below.


  1. Accidentally purchasing multiple plans/subscriptions on the same platform/device or across multiple platforms (for example accidentally subscribing on both your iPhone AND through our website)

  2. Accidental purchase/charges for multiple subscriptions

  3. Billing issues that have created double charges

  4. Financial harm caused by a malfunction of core features, and not due to user error or user settings.

  5. The app is totally incompatible with the your device somehow (completely non-functional) and you can present a screen recording to show this.

    1. Totally incompatible means that the app itself does not open, load, Courses, Community don't work etc.

  6. Annual plan renewals that you forgot to cancel and are unwanted, up to 7 days after the renewal charge.

  7. Any other case which we consider reasonable, and does not fall into the list of invalid reasons below


  • Not making use of the product or services

    • Not our problem. It's on you to follow through on your commitments and intentions.

  • Not cancelling in time / forgetting to cancel (monthly and quarterly subscriptions. For annual plans, we consider 7 days after renewal as reasonable)

    • We provide content, access to communities and also incur costs for routing your browsing activity through our VPN / filtering infrastructure, and other per-user infrastructure costs. We re-invest 100% of our short term revenue back into the product, team and other related costs. For this reason, it's up to customers to manage their subscriptions.

  • Loopholes / deliberate workarounds that you manage to find

    • There are a near-infinite number of possible ways to break or get around any blocker app. We try to cover the main ones, but we are not responsible for user behaviour that is more committed to viewing porn than quitting.

    • We provide a huge number of features, 10 courses and online communities to help quit. The blocker and commitment features are a small part of the program, non-essential to success and ultimately we try to guide users to no longer need a blocker.

  • Ability to uninstall the app on any platform

    • Both Apple iOS and Google Android (from Android 13+) prohibit app developers from offering apps that cannot be uninstalled. This is outside of our control. We have developed Uninstall Accountability to help users stay on track and accountable to keeping REMOJO installed.

    • If you manage to find a way to workaround uninstall protection on a supported device (e.g. Windows computers), then you can share a screen recording and details with us and we will attempt to close the loophole.

  • Manufacturer or device-specific issues that stop the REMOJO blocker/VPN from working, such as battery-saving/power-saving modes

    • There are 1000's of devices, manufacturers and OS combinations. It is impossible to keep on top of all of them and the changes that they make to their OS to manage apps. REMOJO is a program to help you quit porn for good, not a blocker app.

  • Finding porn on safe/non-pornographic sites and apps

    • If you've managed to find porn on non-pornographic sites, apps and elsewhere, that is not a failure of our blocker. No blocker app can create a porn-free world for you. Our blocker blocks pornographic sites, and additional sites and apps that you identify with the higher blocker levels, custom blacklist and app locking features.

  • Lack of support for alternative devices - such as iPads, Kindle Fire etc.

    • We only offer our apps through our website, where supported platforms are clearly identified, and through the App Store and Google Play Store, for iPhone and Android users.

  • Not being able to successfully quit porn and giving up on the journey to sexual self-mastery

    • The program has around an 80% success rate for active participants. Some may give up, and some may not other psychological help or support, such as therapy from a qualified therapist to fully overcome their issues. Due to the nature of the program and problem, we cannot guarantee success for any one individual.



We can not process refunds for subscriptions managed by Apple - this is totally out of control as we have no access to your subscription, and billing and refunds are handled within the Apple ecosystem.

You can find Apple's process here:


Write to us at or via live chat, with the refund request reason, details and any supporting evidence/screen recordings etc.

If your refund request is for a valid reason, we will confirm by email and process the refund.


Write to us at or contact us via live chat, with the refund request reason, details and any supporting evidence/screen recordings etc.

If your refund request is for a valid reason, we will confirm by email and process the refund.

You can open the live chat messenger from either:

  1. The live chat bubble in the bottom corner of the screen, while logged in to your account on the web

  2. Click the top left drawer menu icon in either of our smartphone apps, then click support to open the live chat messenger

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