Rentdrop accounts are tied to your phone number and do not require a password.

The following is required to create a Rentdrop account:

  • a valid phone number registered in the United States

  • a phone that can receive SMS/Text messages

  • a valid email address (we send all payment receipts to an email address)

  • Deciding which plan you want:

    • Free

    • Starter

    • Professional

    • Enterprise

To create your Rentdrop account:

  • Open the mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

  • Tap Continue on the first screen.

  • Enter your phone number and tap Continue.

  • Enter the 6 digit verification code you received via SMS and tap Continue.

    • If you did not receive the code, ensure you meet the requirements and tap Resend SMS.

  • Select Landlord when asked what type of account you plan to use.

  • Type in your legal name

  • Accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • Enter your Email Address

  • Select which plan you wish to use

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