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How to create Rentlio email templates?
How to create Rentlio email templates?

Create a new email template in a couple of minutes

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To learn more about email templates and what are they used for read in the previous article

Access email templates via Property settings. You will immediately see two options: New template and Settings,

Template settings

By clicking Settings a pop-up window will appear where you can edit:

  • Sender name - name that will be displayed to the guests

  • Email address - the address from which the email will be sent

When you fill out both fields just click Confirm.

New template

By selecting New template you can edit options for the new template. After you name it there are three sections you need to fill out:

  • WHO - select which guests will get this email template

  • WHEN - specify how many days before / after / arrival / departure the template will be send

  • WHAT - write the template

Pro tip: when writing the template, use the reservation variables (guest name, arrival date, departure date etc.) to make emails even more personalised!

When you're done with writing the template you can:

  • Activate it - templates are sent out based on set options every (1) hour

  • Save as draft - template will remain saved, but won't be sent out and you can modify it later on. 

  • Test - before you activate the template you can send one email to your own email address to see how it looks 

Active email templates can always be paused, edited or deleted, while drafts can be activated by hovering over the three dot icon.

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