A graphical overview of all reservations and information in one place

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To begin with, it is important to emphasize that in the calendar settings you adjust the functions and appearance of the calendar according to your preferences.
To access your calendar settings, click on the "x" icon then click on Calendar Settings. After saving your calendar settings to your preferences, by clicking the eye icon in the upper left corner, you switch to View 1 or View 2. In addition to the general settings, you can also customize the appearance of the calendar, which we explain below:

  • If the unit display is on, two drawers will be available, or four if the unit display is off.

  • If the restriction view is on in the other tray, a restriction can be selected, otherwise the price list is enabled in all trays.

  • If you have more than one object selected, only the standard price list and availability if enabled will be displayed on the calendar.

  • If the unit field is on, the standard price list will be displayed.

The calendar provides an intuitive and easy way to view all your bookings and information in one place.
You can directly manage availability and restrictions on your calendar, enter a new reservation, update the reservation, or cancel your reservation.
In the upper right corner is a filter icon where you can select a specific type of unit to view.
At the bottom right is the "x" icon that takes you to quick actions such as: calendar settings, bulk editing, and new reservation.

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