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eVisitor registration

How to easily register guests on eVisitor

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One user per object can have multiple eVisitor accounts.

Entering eVisitor on your app will see three categories: check in, active check in, and history.

To check in - This will show guests who have been added to bookings currently in progress. You can enter guest information manually or by scanning his document. If some guest information is missing, a red dot will light next to his / her name. Clicking on the update option opens a screen where the information that is missing, the dot green and the guests can be registered on eVisitor is updated.

Active check in - Guests who are checked in; you can also update the information of actively logged in guests here.

History - A history list of checked in guests.

In this mobile app version there are several ways how to scan guest ID.
Quick access from Dashboard:

Second option is by selecting reservation from the Calendar and using the option next to the Guest Name:

Here is also a video example for scan and register:


After scanning the guest ID, guest should be registered (like in the example above), in order to complete the action.

If some guest information is missing, there is a red dot and the option Update - fill in the data or scan, and when the guest has a green dot, he is ready for register;

When the guests are successfully registered, a message is displayed stating that the registration is completed, and they go to the Active list, and later to the History list.

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