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Enable direct booking on Google Business page
Enable direct booking on Google Business page

Start getting direct bookings with Google Business page and Rentlio Booking Engine

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After you have finished the setup process of Rentlio Booking Engine, now you can newly created website address (your public RBE link) paste on you Google Business page to start getting direct bookings for your accommodation.

Sign in into your Google Business page by clicking on Manage now.

If you still don't have Google Business page now it's perfect time to register in few steps.

On Manage locations you'll see your registered company and confirmed property. Click on that object to be able to edit informations.

On the left side, from the menu, click on the Info

Once you are on Info page, down bellow you'll find Add website.

Click on small pen icon to edit website information. Here you can enter the link you've set for you Rentlio Booking engine (Rentlio Booking Engine link).

When you insert Rentlio Booking Engine link guests that search by name your property will be able directly from Google search page click on your Website and that will lead them towards the page where they'll book your property. Usually it takes several days for changes to be visible on Google.

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