To have fully functional Facebook Messenger on Rentlio Booking engine there are few prerequisites:

  • Facebook Page ID

  • Facebook Page visibility: Published

  • Rentlio Booking Engine address set on Facebook Page

First thing first, to find your Facebook Page ID go to your Facebook page and then go to Info, scroll down and on the bottom of the page you'll find Facebook Page ID.

If you don't have Info go to More and you'll be able to select it from dropdown menu.

Once located, copy it and then go back in Rentlio and paste it in Facebook Page ID field.

Second, under the Page settings go to General to and navigate to section Page visibility to check is your Facebook Page set to Published. If not, click on Edit and change it to Published.

The last step is to set Rentlio Booking engine domain on Facebook Page. Go to Messaging and scroll down and click on Get Started.

Follow the steps inside the pop up screen and click on Next.

You can Edit some settings on this step like Language, Greeting message or enable/disable Guest chat or just click Next.

On second step you may tweak some setting regarding the custom colours and position. Once you are satisfied with the settings proceed on the last step.

On the third step you need to add domain where you want Facebook Messenger icon to appear. Go to Rentlio Booking engine > Implentation and copy your Rentlio Booking URL address and paste it in field Add another domain.

Now, visit your Rentlio Booking engine page and there you'll have Facebook Messenger icon in the right bottom corner.

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