Housekeeping feature

Each room can have it's own cleaning or maintenance status

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Rentlio housekeeping system enables you on the property level to assign each room its own cleaning or maintenance status.

Cleaning status

Cleaning status is not linked to a certain date but shows the current unit status. They are added to the unit on the calendar. By clicking on the unit, a pop-up is opened that enables you to change the status. Statuses that you can use are:

  • clean

  • dirty

  • for inspection

  • cleaning

  • DND

Cleaning status switches automatically each night to dirty if the room is occupied. That is if there is a reservation in house, meaning statuses clean and dirty are default, meanwhile others are optional.

On arrivals, departures and stays you can see in colour marked unit status so you can easily see which units are available for check-in.


Rentlio Pro

Maintenance status

  • OOS - Out of Service

  • OOO - Out of Order

  • OOI - Out of Inventory

OOS - Out of Service

  • it is used for smaller malfunctions. Out of Service rooms do not deduct from inventory, which means the room will still show in the statistics as a valid room to be sold. Out Of Service does not take this unit out of the availability.

OOO - Out of Order

  • is typically used for bigger malfunctions and indicate the the rooms in not for use in a certain period of time. Out of Order rooms are not available for sale and o longer figure into availability statistics. Also a reservation can not be dragged and dropped to a unit with this status.

OOI - Out of Inventory

  • reflects a long lasting maintenance planned in advance, such as the renovation of a whole floor. Meaning that the room signed as OOI, as also the rooms OOO will reduce your total house count, but also deducted from the total available unit count. Rooms with the Out of Inventory status are considered ''removed'' from the total house count and will not enter statistics for the period selected.

Maintenance status is linked to a certain time period and do not allow assigning reservations to rooms with OOO available.

If you add a reason to a maintenance status it will be visible on the calendar instead of the status name itself.

How to assign a maintenance status:

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