We have some of the best reps in the world on Replogic, and our goal is to connect them with world-class brands. With that said, the reps don’t work for Replogic and they must be selective when determining which brands to represent. The first step when engaging a rep prospect is to provide them with adequate information about your product and brand. So we have put together some useful pointers as you craft your messages to reps on Replogic.

  1. Keep it short, but don’t skimp on valuable information. Top reps receive hundreds of emails each day, so it’s best to make your first message as concise and informative as possible. We’ve found that bullets are better than long paragraphs. 
  2. Describe your business. Are you a startup or an established business? How many years have you been in business? Is the product retail ready now?
  3. Explain your value proposition. How does your product compare to the competition? What problems does it solve for end customers?
  4. What is your web strategy?  
  5. Is your product and business ready for EDI?
  6. Is the product UPC/EAN compliant?
  7. Are you currently working with any manufacturers’ reps?

Example of a great outreach message

Hi Joe,

I wanted to introduce my company, Acme Mousetrap, because I think you could be a great partner for us.

We’re a startup that just exited a remarkably successful Kickstarter campaign (link here). Our company is only 18 months old, but we are manufacturing in volume and ready for retail.

We’ve created a fantastic mousetrap that is 50% cheaper and 120% more effective than any existing mousetrap on the market. Our nearest competitor is one of the highest margin products for Lowes, so we want to get our product into Home Depot as a superior substitute.

Our sales thus far have been on Amazon (aside from Kickstarter), but we have seen tremendous success in just six months. I’d be happy to provide some sales figures when we connect. 

We believe we are EDI ready, though we’d love some pointers on this from an expert like you.

We are registered and fully UPC/EAN compliant.

We have never worked with manufacturers’ reps, but we have heard great things about the reps on Replogic.

We’ve posted our full data sheet and some professional photos on our Replogic profile. Check it out. 

If you think our product would be something you could represent, let’s schedule a time to chat.



Example of a terrible outreach message

Hi Joe,

We’re looking for partners to sell our product, and we’ve selected you! High commissions available, so please get back to me. I’ve been trying to get a meeting with Home Depot for over a year now, and I really don’t think they understand our product. I am confident this is going to be a huge hit! I just need to break into retail to prove it. Once consumers see my product, they will love it!! Please see the attached product picture I took with my iPhone. That’s my dog in the background -- sorry!!



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