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Changing your Reset Days (frequency and day of the week)
Changing your Reset Days (frequency and day of the week)
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When you first signed up for Reset, you selected a specific number of Reset Days to follow each week and the specific days of the week. It's easy to change or update these settings. Simply go to the "Reset" tab and navigate to any upcoming Reset Day. Now, click the settings gearwheel icon in the top right of the screen. You will see options to change the number of weekly Reset Days and choose the specific days of the week. 

Important note: Reset is extremely flexible and it's common for Reset members who have a set plan to swap days in a given week (e.g. Reset Day is normally Monday but switched to Tuesday due to an event on Monday). DO NOT change your Reset Settings to accomplish this. Instead, go to the Reset Day you want to change and click the "Lightning Bolt" icon. You will then see the option to "Switch to Free Day." Likewise, you can go to any Free Day and click the icon that says "Switch to Reset Day."

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