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Can products that are derivative product of the Marijuana plant be shipped
Can products that are derivative product of the Marijuana plant be shipped
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There are restrictions regarding shipping any derivative product of Marijuana plant (whether or not containing THC) due to specific government restrictions and prohibitions. If you have ordered a product to our warehouse that is prohibited to be shipped, here are your options:

  1. Return the item to the vendor for a refund as long as the vendor address is not in a state that prohibits the shipment. Contact the vendor and ask about their return policies. In many cases, the vendor can provide a prepaid shipping label for the return. Once obtained, provide the Reship team with the pre-paid return label from the vendor, and the team will assist with returning the package for a handling fee (handling fee depends on your membership plan) plus a $5 return fee. If the vendor will not provide a pre-paid label, it is still possible to return the package, but you would be responsible for the return shipping charges. If you are setting up return shipping yourself (without a pre-paid label), please log on to your account, input the vendor's address, choose the shipping carrier, and apply payment just as you would with a normal reshipment.

  2. You can ship it to another address within the state only (depending on where the product is coming from).

  3. You can abandon the item and our team can dispose of it. If an item remains in your account for over 7 days or longer (depending on the type of account) without being shipped, you will be charged storage fees that begin at the date we received the package. After 90 days your item will be abandoned.

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