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Returning the package to the vendor
Returning the package to the vendor
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If you would like to return the package, our team can certainly help with returning the item to the vendor for a refund. Simply contact the vendor and ask about their return policies. In many cases, the vendor can provide prepaid shipping labels. If you can forward the pre-paid return label from the vendor, we can return the package for a handling fee (handling fee depends on your membership plan) plus a $5 return fee.

  1. From the Reship customer interface, go to My Packages

  2. Select the package and click the Ship button

  3. Click I have a vendor return shipping label

  4. Enter the label address below

  5. Complete the checkout process

  6. Email our customer service team the returns shipping label

Note: The address or vendor on the shipping label must match the original sender.

If the vendor will not provide a pre-paid label, our team can still return the package, but you would be responsible for the return shipping charges. If you are setting up return shipping yourself (without a pre-paid label), please log on to your account, input the vendor's address, choose the shipping carrier, and apply for payment just as you would with a normal reshipment.

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