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How does Reship works?
How does Reship works?
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Reship is committed to work with our members to find the most cost effective and quickest way for people to get what they want in the most simple and easiest way possible.

If you are looking to purchase something from an online merchant and wanting this merchandise shipped to a UK, Canada or US Address, we can certainly assist you with this. Simply sign up on our website at and you will be given your very own address. You can place the order with your chosen vendor and have this package shipped to your new address. You can use USA, Canada or UK address. We will receive the package on your behalf and forward the package to your destination.

Note: Always enter your suite number while placing an order. The suite number serves as a unique identifier so we will know that the package belongs to you. If the suite number is not visible on the package, there will be a delay until we have heard from you with the tracking information and at that time, you will need to provide proof that you are the owner of the package so we can assign it to your account.

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