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What is an Automated Export System (AES) Form
What is an Automated Export System (AES) Form
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Federal law requires that prior to international shipment, you may need to file an Automated Export System or AES form. If your package has a value of $2,500.00 or more, you are legally required to have an AES form included with the shipment.

This form is easily accessible online through a web search. Once filled out, simply send this form by e-mail to our customer support team.

An alternative solution if you do not want to fill out the form, is that our team would be happy to split your order into two so that the value of each package is lower that $2500. Keep in mind that this solution would require additional shipping fees as in this situation multiple packages would be shipped out. Simply let our customer care team know you would like your package split, and we will accommodate this request for you.

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