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How to ship your orders to Reship
How to ship your orders to Reship
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Register for an account through the Reship website. Once this is complete, you will be provided with your own unique “suite” number associated with your account. Be sure to take note of this, as it is needed in order to ship your package with Reship.

Place your online order. When at the checkout page of your favorite online retailer, add the shipping address of one of our three warehouse locations, whichever location that is closest to the online retailer you are shopping with. Be sure to include your unique suite number in the shipping address.


Fill in the warehouse location that is closest to the store you purchased from.


Once your order arrives in our warehouse, you will be notified by e-mail. At this point, you would log into your account and submit payment for reshipping your package to your destination.

Once completed, sit back and relax. Your order is now en route to you! It's that easy!

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