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DHL USA prohibited goods
DHL USA prohibited goods
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In addition to the restrictions found on the DHL Canada.

Here are a list of other restricted commodities for DHL USA.
For more details please visit: DHL Restriction list for details.

The following commodities MAY be acceptable for transport by DHL with pre-approval of Risk management, if certain conditions or circumstances are fulfilled.

Please contact DHL Sales Representative at 1-800-CALL DHL (1-800-225-5345) for more information. Additional fees may apply.

Alcoholic Beverages

(e.g. beer, wine, spirits). Domestic (USA) wine carriage only from licensed distributors. Adult signature required. Outside the U.S. may be acceptable to send wine, beer and spirits from licensed distributors.

Live Animals
(Limited to non-venomous, frogs, insects, lizards, tortoises, sea life, and worms). Domestic (USA) transportation only under certain conditions. Not permitted to be sent outside the U.S. DHL is not
liable for degradation of goods due to delays. Shipments must be sent through Express Air Service.

Dangerous Goods
(Hazardous or combustible materials, including asbestos and ammunition, as defined by 49CFR, ICAO/IATA or by applicable sea or road transport regulations). Domestic (USA), including Puerto

Rico, and Canada transportation only under certain conditions. Not permitted to be sent outside the U.S. or Canada with the exception of dry ice, diagnostic specimens (UN3373) and EQ’s (Excepted Quantities) to certain predefined sectors.

(Parts thereof including paintball, pellet guns, air rifles, etc.). Domestic (USA) transportation only from and to licensed dealers. Domestic firearms must be rendered mechanically not fireable. Not permitted to be sent outside the U.S. Industrial Diamonds / Carbons For values over USD 10,000.

Over individual unit values of USD 100 (finished jewelry including watches). Negotiable Instruments
(Currency and Bullion is prohibited). Domestic (USA) exceptions for certain other negotiable instruments. DHL has no liability for negotiable value. Negotiable instruments in bearer form not permitted to be sent outside the U.S. Precious Metals and Stones (Including unfinished Jewelry).

Tobacco Products
Domestic (USA) restricted (shipments of cigarettes to individual consumers is prohibited). Adult signature required. Outside the U.S. many countries have specific import restrictions. Please contact Customer Service at 800-CALL DHL for details.

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