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DHL Canada prohibited list
DHL Canada prohibited list
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The following commodities are not acceptable for transport by DHL under any circumstances.

  • Live animals

  • Hunting (Animal) trophies, animal parts such as ivory and sharks fin, animal remains, or Animal-by-Products and derived products not intended for human consumption, prohibited for movement by the CITES Convention and/or local law.

  • Human remains or ashes

  • Bullion (of any precious metal)

  • Cash (current legal tender)

  • Loose precious and semi-precious stones

  • Complete firearms, ammunition, explosives / explosive devices

  • Illegal goods, such as counterfeit goods and narcotics

This is a result of a policy decision, following the full consideration of Operational, Legal and Risk Management implications.

If you are in any doubt as to the acceptability of your goods, please contact your DHL representative prior to shipping.

Counterfeit Goods are Prohibited

Counterfeit can be hard to spot. Buying from a creditable vendor can help prevent this. Upon inspection from DHL or Reship, we will notify customers if Counterfeit products are found.

High quality branded goods that are often copied are:

  • Shoes

  • Clothing

  • Bags

  • Expensive Watches

  • CDs and DVDs

  • Perfumes

  • Electronics

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