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What currencies do you accept?

All payments, regardless of where the payment was processed is in USD. The USD equivalent will be charged to your account.

Can I make changes to my order after submitting payment for shipping?

Unfortunately, once you've submitted your order and you have been charged for shipping it is not possible to amend any details of your order. Please ensure you have reviewed your order, selected the appropriate options prior to submitting your order.

Will I be charged a broker fee to process my shipment?

To clear and collect payment for your goods in your country, a broker fee is charged by some of the shipping couriers.

Do I pay duties and taxes directly to Reship?

No. Once your shipment reaches your country's customs office, you will be contacted by the shipping carrier to handle the necessary fees.

How do I pay if a retailer won't accept my international credit card?

Many companies require a domestic address to be associated with your credit card. In most cases, adding your Reship address as a secondary address to your card will remedy this situation. This can also be resolved by taking advantage of our Assisted Purchasing Program. All Assisted Purchased items must be over $500 USD to qualify.

Why has my payment been declined?

All payments for services at are processed through our payment processor Global Payments. It is at the discretion of our payment processor to request for to deny a payment, deactivate a account and request for the customer to provide verification documents at any time.

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