The profile screen shows all your details, settings, documents and locations.


This shows you the details associated with your profile. This includes your:

  • name, 
  • email and 
  • phone number. 

To change or update any of these details, simply go into your details and make any updates you need to.


This screen allows you to manage your notifications preferences including when you get push or sms notifications.

Choose Location

Tapping on this will take you to the location selection page where you can see accounts and locations you are approved for, so you can swap to a different hospital. You can also see All Locations which allows you to request access for, or scan the QR code of a new hospital that you are looking to get Resident Guide access for.

Choose Your Role

The role screen allows you to choose your role for the location you are currently logged in to. If you work across multiple hospitals you may have different roles at each location.
To change a role, select the new position which will then be approved by the location or account manager.

View Documents

The documents screen gives you a list of all the documents that have been sent to you by the hospital, this may be orientation letters, locum information or other individual information. If you have new documents a numbered badge will appear.
You can view new and old documents, sign documents that require signing and filter on your location or documents requiring action by you.

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