Resolve is a platform that helps merchants grow B2B sales, get paid faster, and reduce risk by streamlining their net terms, accounts receivable, and payments processes. You no longer have to "be the bank to your customers" -- Resolve helps you make credit decisions, unlock working capital, and get paid.

Why use Resolve?

Resolve helps you win new customers and close larger orders. We're able to accelerate payments on net terms, so that you have working capital to invest and grow your business. Finally, let us scale your accounts receivable team by chasing invoices for you, so that you can focus your company’s efforts on more strategic activities.


  • Advance Pay: Offer Net 30-60-90 to your buyers while unlocking working capital anytime by drawing funds from invoices submitted through the platform.

  • Credit Assessments: Through our digital credit application, Resolve assesses the risk of your current and future customers to determine their credit worthiness. This allows you to make smart decisions about whether or not you want to increase business with a possible new company.

  • Invoice Chasing: We will be your accounts receivable management team and handle the follow-up of your accounts receivable reminding your customers in a professional, friendly manner when their payments are due.

  • Professional Collections Network: For your most troublesome A/R challenges, you can tap into Resolve's collections network and specialists to maximize recoveries.

  • Payment Portal: Allow your customers to review open invoices and make payments through a payment method of their choice (check, ACH, credit card).

  • E-commerce Integrations: Close more B2B sales online through our e-commerce/API integrations.

Ready to dive into Resolve? The rest of our Getting Started guides will help you along the way.

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