How do I get started using Resolve?

The best way to get started using Resolve is to walkthrough our guided merchant onboarding in the merchant dashboard. This will help you:

  1. Add your customers to Resolve

  2. Get your existing customers approved and activated

  3. Receive your first advance payment on an invoice

If you have any questions along the way, you can reach out to us at or start a chat with us using the messenger in the bottom right corner of your screen.

How does adding my customers work?

There are two ways you can add your customers:

  1. Sync your QuickBooks Online

  2. One at a time

Once you have added your customers, Resolve will complete a one-time bulk credit assessment of your customers and email you as soon as your assessments are available. At that time, you'll log into your Resolve dashboard and have the opportunity to review.

Does this first round of assessments count against my monthly allotment of credit assessments?

No, your initial assessments are intended to get you up and running with Resolve. Assessments you request after your initial onboarding will count against your monthly allotment.

What does it mean for my approved customers to "activate"? Why do they need to do this?

Your approved customers activate by confirming that they have updated their payment remittance information to pay you through Resolve. They need to do this to ensure that they do not continue paying you directly.

What does it mean to "send" an invoice through Resolve?

Sending invoices to your customers through Resolve is how you take advantage of Resolve features, including taking advances on invoices, getting paid through Resolve on invoices, and reminding your customers to pay you for invoices. To use Resolve, you continue creating your invoices in your accounting system like you always have, but then you send them to your customers through Resolve.

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