Each time Resolve makes a credit decision on your customer, you'll need to review the decision and either approve or decline it. You'll have the chance to review decisions for both customer pre-approvals and direct applications. This review process gives you more control over the customer experience.

Each credit decision will contain the credit limit and advance rate.

We encourage you finalize credit decisions as soon as possible, especially for direct applications, so that your customers can find out the status of their credit line.

Getting started

  1. After Resolve makes a credit decision, you'll be notified via email that a decision has been made.

  2. In the Customers section, click on Action required menu to view customer accounts that require your input.

  3. Click Finalize credit to review the financial terms. You'll have a chance to either accept or decline the credit decision.

  4. For customer pre-approvals, you'll need to email the pre-approved application link to the customer. For direct applications, they'll automatically be emailed letting them know of the credit decision.

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