Users can now add guest to the waitlist by using the waitlist tab. In this release users can attach a guest to the waitlist, set the number of covers and the wait quote. 

Once a waitlist entry is created, a timer for each waitlist will be created. When the timer expires a red notification indicator will be displayed next to he waitlist tab. 

Users can then drag and drop a waitlist guest to a table to seat them. 

Server Management

Users can now create servers and assign them to tables. 

Tables with assigned servers will be visible on reservation on waitlist view. Servers can be assigned by dragging and dropping them to a table or by clicking on Assign Tables then selecting multiple tables. 

Users can also assign tables while creating or editing the servers information. 

Daily Notes

Users can now add daily notes for a specific day.

Table Pop-Up

Users now can also see all the reservations on a table by clicking on it to see the table pop-up window.

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