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How can I support the restoration of nature?
How can I support the restoration of nature?
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Are you looking for ways to support the restoration of nature? Here are 4 simple steps you can take today:

  1. Find and support local restoration projects
    Use the Restor map to explore thousands of restoration projects and leading organizations worldwide. Find a project near you and contact them to ask if they need volunteers or donations to support their work. Remember, restoring nature is not just about trees or forests but also grasslands, wetlands, coastal habitats, and all other places that support life on Earth.

  2. Donate to Restor
    People like you help us to support organizations whose purpose is to restore, preserve and maintain the global ecosystem and its biodiversity. Contribute, and be a part of this movement.

  3. Stay informed
    Stay up to date with what’s happening in the global restoration community. Join our mailing list to receive exciting updates from the Restor community and beyond.

  4. Ask the company you work for what it’s doing to support nature
    Everyone has a part to play in the restoration of nature. Ask your company what they are doing to reduce their impact on nature and what commitments they have made to protect and restore nature.

    Here are some questions that will help you start that conversation.

    • Is your company committed to science-based targets for climate change?

    • Are your company's supply chains deforestation-free and net zero emissions?

    • Does your company support clean energy, and follow climate laws?

    • Are the products produced or used carbon-free and carbon-neutral?

    Link your company to Restor and be a climate advocate on a global scale!

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