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Access contacts
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Once you've installed the script on your website and turned it on in your account, contacts will be added to your account in real-time.

Contact Downloads

You can find your daily downloadable contact files in two places.

  1. From your Dashboard, look under the Collected Contacts section. If you click the View All button, it will show a full list of all of the contacts collected for all days. The Export All button will export those contacts.

  2. From the Contacts section of your account, you will find individual, downloadable CSV files of your daily contact additions.

Export Your Contacts

There are two ways to export contacts from Use the Export All button under Contacts. This will generate and send a CSV file to the email address on file; you may also type additional email addresses to send it to.

2. Via an Integration. If you've set up an Integration with your ESP under Integrations, your contacts will automatically be ported over to your Email Marketing app.

Find or Search Specific Contacts

1. Search for contacts by their names or email addresses in the search field in the top right under Contacts. You can also use Advanced Search to search using other fields and data. The Filter By section on the left will show the date, so you will know which day's contacts you're looking at.

2. If you click on an email address under Contact Details, you will see the contact's name (if on a name plan), email address, address and map location (if on an address plan), observed date/time, landing page URL, landing page domain, referrer and user-agent (when available).

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