Now you can update the way your guest statements look.

Instead of just using the default template, you can add your retreat center's logo and branding, re-name the guest statement and add notes to it. And you can have a different guest statement for every retreat you run.

Why we built this:

Retreat centers want their guest statements to look professional and reflect their branding.
They also want to send different types of guest statements for different programs they run (ie. include info on payment plans for some programs, or send a bill to a teacher renting space at their retreat center). 

How to use it:

Step 1: Set the default guest statement template
The default template will apply to all your programs. You can customize per program in Step 2.

  • Reg Settings > Theme

  • Scroll down to the "Text customizations" section

Step 2: Customize the guest statement for individual retreats (programs)

  • Programs > select the program you wish to customize the guest statement for

  • Under the Registrations Tab > go to the "Text Customizations" section > click on "guest statement customizations" 

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