Note: this functionality isn't included in our base plans but can be added as part of a bundle. Check out our pricing page or contact us to learn more.

Why we built this feature:
Some retreat centers want to print a batch of waiver forms, each customized per guest (with name, email, Program etc.), so they can quickly-sign in a big group of guests arriving all at once and so they'll have a paper copy of the waiver in a safe place.

Step 1: Create the waiver 

  • Go to Reg Settings > Theme and scroll down to "Registration Bulk Print Template (for Waiver)"

  • You can adjust the template to reflect the text included on your waiver form, including legal disclaimer

  • This works similarly to creating pre-arrival email templates, with template codes available and ability to style the form with HTML

  • The 'template codes' you include will update with each individual's registration (so "{ {first_name} }" would print as Olivia, on my form)

Step 2: Bulk Print your waiver for a certain program, time range etc.

  • Go to Registrations > "filters and reports +" to get the list of registrations you'd like to have bulk printed onto the waiver 

  • (ie. for a specific Program, or for specific stay dates)

  • Under the list of registrations, click the "bulk print" button to print waiver forms, each on a separate page with the guest's info already filled out

  • You can sort the registrations by name and they will display and be printed in alphabetical order (by first name)

ie. Form 1 for Bob

 Form 2 for James

etc. for the remaining guests

Step 3: Mark off guests that have signed the waiver form

If you want to take your tracking a step further, you can create an admin-based question "Signed Waiver Form" and mark off guests who've signed the form as they arrive.

Later you can filter on who's filled out a waiver form:

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